The role of genetics in the immunity of diabetic patients was revealed

ELife: Genetic Variations Revealed to Influence Diabetic Immune Defense

German and Dutch doctors have revealed the role of genetics in the immunity of patients with type 1 diabetes. It turned out that people with certain genetic variations are more susceptible to this disease. The results of the study are described in an article in eLife.

diabetc2d45To do this, the researchers took blood samples from 243 test subjects with type 1 diabetes aged 20 to 84 years. Then the researchers used the method of genetic association analysis.

It turned out that some of the genetic combinations that determine susceptibility to type 1 diabetes affect T cells, which play a significant role in immune defense. In addition, experts have noticed that the CCR5 protein can affect the development of diabetes through certain regions of the genome. A total of 15 genetic patterns have been identified that affect immune cells in this disease. Scientists hope that their discovery will lead to the development of new treatments and drugs for diabetics.