Named useful product for patients with coronary heart disease

At a conference of the British Society for Cardiovascular Diseases in Manchester, scientists named a product that proved to be beneficial for the health of patients with coronary heart disease. According to a study, a glass of beetroot juice a day can reduce inflammation. It is reported by The Guardian.

buryakf21d397People with coronary heart disease have lower levels of nitric oxide, which is naturally produced by the body and is vital for health. In addition to regulating blood pressure, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

During the work, experts analyzed the data of 114 healthy subjects. Some of them were vaccinated against typhoid fever to temporarily increase inflammation in the vessels, and another group was given a cream on the skin, which also led to a small localized inflammation. Participants were asked to take 140 milliliters of beet juice every day for seven days. Half drank a drink with a high nitrate content, and the other half did not.

It turned out that the typhoid and nitrate juice group had elevated levels of nitric oxide in the blood, urine and saliva compared to other participants. Scientists have concluded that beetroot juice with a high amount of nitrates is able to restore the endothelium (cells in the inner part of blood vessels). It also accelerated the healing of blisters on the skin. According to experts, beetroot juice promotes rapid recovery and has an anti-inflammatory effect.