Gender differences in depression treatment voiced

Scientists from the University of California at Davis, Princeton University and Laval University have voiced gender differences in the mechanism of perception of depression therapy. The findings of the work are published in Biological Psychiatry.

depIn experiments on mice, experts have found that in women, the Rgs2 gene, which is responsible for the expression of g-protein-2 (which is affected by antidepressants), is responsible for the development of depression. The researchers then increased the amount of this protein, resulting in a reduction in stress. These results illustrate the molecular mechanism observed in patients with depression. A decrease in the level of g-protein-2 in the body can increase the symptoms of mental illnesses that are difficult to treat. These works correlate with earlier studies, which found that different genes influence the occurrence of a depressive disorder in women and men.

In May 2022, a team of scientists from the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI) and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Spain discovered an amino acid that contributes to depression.