Critical vulnerability discovered in Android smartphones

A zero-day vulnerability allowed attackers to gain access to Android smartphones. This is reported by XDA Developers.

Security researchers talked about a zero-day vulnerability that allows you to disable the protection of the Linux kernel. The specialist Zhengpeng Lin, who discovered it, fixed the error on the Google Pixel 6 smartphone, but then confirmed it on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones and other devices.

A critical vulnerability affects part of the Android kernel and allows an attacker to gain random read and write access, as well as superuser privileges. By obtaining these privileges, a hacker can tamper with the operating system and manipulate the built-in security procedures. According to Lin, all Android devices with the Linux kernel version 5.10 are affected.

The exact details of the vulnerability have not been made public. Zhengpeng Lin has already informed Google about the problem – the company is expected to release an update fixing the error in the near future.

At the end of April, Kryptowire specialists found a vulnerability on Samsung devices that allowed hackers to attack users’ devices. A system flaw was found in the brand’s popular smartphones running on OS ranging from Android 9 to the current Android 12.